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Corporate Partnerships

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Partnering with businesses to positively impact countless lives affected by cancer

Lingen Davies is the only charity committed to supporting cancer care, active treatment, help, and information for the community throughout the areas of Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin, and Mid-Wales. But we need you and your business’ support to continue enhancing local cancer services for our communities, and allowing us to support more cancer patients living with and beyond.

Corporate Sponsorship | Lingen Davies

We Need Your Help

We need the support of the whole community to carry out our work and make our projects a success, including corporate partners and sponsors. We are deeply proud to work alongside a wide range of aspirational businesses throughout Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin, and Mid-Wales. Their partnership contributes directly to life-saving initiatives for those living throughout the region.

You too could be part of this tangible change in impacting people’s lives. By partnering with us, you will be part of an effective, lasting relationship which supports the needs of your business as well as our wide-ranging charitable aims. Here are just a few of the organisations we currently work with that are helping change lives throughout our local communities:

Corporate Partners

Becoming a Lingen Davies Partner

The majority of our fundraising events involve corporate sponsorship – either funding one element of an activity or donating to the overall outcome. Our business partners and sponsors give us income, as well as time, to help benefit cancer patients and support our ongoing work.

Corporate Sponsorship | Lingen Davies

We ask you to pledge the following:

  • Sponsor/support one of our events throughout the year.
  • Inform your employees of your commitment to the charity.
  • Your team engage with us at our events.
  • You interact across our social media platforms.
  • You actively promote awareness of the Lingen Davies brand and our vital work.
  • You share and offer us opportunities that could benefit our charity.
  • If you have your own PR department, you proactively promote our partnership.
  • We are given a regular point of contact within your business.
Corporate Sponsorship | Lingen Davies

What’s the right partnership package for me?

Our corporate partnership packages are thoughtfully designed to meet your company’s unique needs. We work with you to ensure you are getting the most from your partnership with us and it is as mutually beneficial as possible. Take a look at some of our partnership packages to see what is the right fit for you:

Silver Supporter

A pledge of up to £5,000 per annum will make you a Silver Supporter.

  • Introduction of the partnership across our social media platforms.
  • We will supply you with promotional material.
  • Cheque presentation during or at the end of the partnership.
  • Cancer awareness talk at your workplace or other agreed site.
  • Sponsorship opportunities for events and engagement at that event.
  • Use of Lingen Davies brand.
Gold Supporter

A pledge of £5,000 or over within a 12-month period (or Gift in Kind agreed equivalent) will make you a Gold Supporter.

  • Link from Lingen Davies Website to own website.
  • Use of Lingen Davies brand with appropriate guidelines.
  • Sponsorship opportunities for events for the coming year as well as event Volunteering Opportunities.
  • Cancer Awareness talk and Lingen Davies van to your workplace.
  • Lingen Davies staff support for a fundraising event.
  • Annual tour of the Lingen Davies Cancer Centre and meet the clinical professionals.
Platinum Supporter

A pledge of over £10,000 over a 12-month period will make you a Platinum Supporter.

The platinum supporter package includes the same as the gold supporter package plus:

  • A talk from a member of the team about the work of Lingen Davies.
  • Regular Quarterly partnership meetings with the Lingen Davies team.
  • Bespoke support for fundraising event/team builder activity to raise further funds.
  • Quarterly newsletters on our work.

Become a Partner, Make a Change

Your partnership will not just reflect wonderfully on your company’s CSR strategy and allow you all the benefits a Lingen Davies partnership provides, but it will create real and lasting change for people battling cancer throughout your local community.