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MED Equus

Global supplier of veterinary equine equipment, MED EQUUS has helped to diagnose and treat over 300,000 horses across 32 countries.

medequus - Corporate Partner of Lingen Davies

“My name is Michael Davies and I act as Commercial Director for MED Equus. Part of my remit involves developing new partnerships and overseeing the majority of the day to day management of the team, which of course includes physical and mental welfare both at and outside of work. Lingen Davies has a personal connection for myself in particular as my dad was treated at the Hamar Centre. I ran the London Marathon in April 23 for Lingen and the whole team at MED Equus really got behind me, accompanying me on some very cold training runs before work, something that’s carried on the rest of the year. Callum, one of our engineers, is running the Chester Marathon for Lingen in October 23. The whole team got together for pedal the borders a couple of weeks ago where we entered a team of 4 and sponsored a rest stop, this was a really good day for us as a team, sometimes strong bonds are built by suffering together climbing dreadfully steep hills or leaving at 5.30am on training rides.

My monologue above is essentially to show both Lingen Davies and your team can benefit from fundraising for this amazing charity. When mental health has never been so important, we use exercise to blow off steam as a team but also train for fundraisers. There are other ways to help Lingen Davies if that’s not for you, that’s just how it fits for us. It’s also just good to give back where you can, I’m sure we will all need a charity like this at some point in the future.”

Michael Davies, Commercial Director, MED Equus


medequus - Corporate Partner of Lingen Davies

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