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Doreen's Story

Doreen starting giving her time to Lingen Davies in 2016 when her husband, Des, was being treated for prostate cancer in the Lingen Davies centre.


When you’re sitting waiting for treatment, you realise you would do anything to help raise money for such a fantastic cause! You don’t realise how many people are affected by cancer until it’s you.

Doreen's Fundraising Journey

Doreen had close ties to the |High Sheriff of Powys who was fundraising for us throughout her year, so became a regular face at the fundraising office; the more Doreen came to see us, the more she got involved!

In September 2016, Doreen held her first fundraiser – she shaved her head at a charity lunch! This raised an incredible £3,692 and from then on her fundraising has rapidly grown. Doreen is the Area Coordinator for Mid Wales, meaning she represents the charity at events in her local area, gives talks about the work we do and attends cheque presentations on our behalf. She takes every opportunity she can to raise money for Lingen Davies, as well as raising our profile in the Mid Wales area – she can regularly be seen organising supermarket collections, attending local shows, selling raffle tickets and finding fundraising avenues for us explore.

Thank You Doreen

Doreen gives a great deal of her time to volunteer for us and we are tremendously grateful – to date she has helped generate more than £45,000 to help improve services for cancer patients throughout the region.

Want to Organise Your Own Fundraiser?

If you would like to find out more about supporting Doreen’s collections or volunteering for us in another way we would love to hear from you. Contact Tarrah by email at [email protected] or call the office on 01743 492396 to chat.

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