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iCan Service

iCan is an evidence-based cancer rehabilitation programme for anyone living with or beyond cancer.

Funded by Lingen Davies

iCan is managed and delivered by the team from Lifestyle Fitness & Physiotherapy, a 34-year-old Shrewsbury-based health and wellbeing company and is fully funded by Lingen Davies.

Get Active, Feel Good

The highly qualified and experienced team at Lifestyle Fitness previously ran the Get Active Feel Good programme and have now partnered with Lingen Davies Cancer Fund to run a service specifically targeted at cancer patients. Not only does it help people regain fitness during and after undergoing treatment, but also supports them with healthy lifestyle behaviour, their mental and emotional health, teaches fatigue management strategies, and encourages good nutrition.

What is iCan?

iCan is a cancer rehabilitation programme which supports people living with and beyond cancer to increase physical activity levels and develop positive wellbeing for 12 months.

The initial core programme runs over a five-week period and provides tailored exercises and mindfulness tools, delivered over 10 different sessions, each focussing on various aspects of life during or after cancer treatment. The sessions are delivered at community sites across Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin, and Powys, as well as online for you to attend from the comfort of your own home. Online resources can be accessed at any time, should you miss a session due to holiday or appointment, and you can contact the iCan staff directly for further assistance and support.

In addition to the initial five-week programme, iCan offers an additional mindfulness and cancer programme, delivered by a trained mindfulness practitioner over an additional five-week period, plus an additional six-week exercise programme.

Following on from the initial three months of iCan support, the iCan team offer regular phone calls, emails and coffee mornings to continue their support for 12 months. The iCan team are available to service users to suit individual needs.

Philosophy Behind iCan

Gareth Mapp, Director of Lifestyle Fitness, said the philosophy behind iCan is to enable lifestyle changes and encourage people to maintain those changes for overall health benefits.

“iCan is about helping to support people both during and after their cancer treatment. It takes a holistic approach to health and lifestyle, and encourages not just physical activity, but positive mental wellbeing, nutrition, and healthy lifestyles.”

“We give people cancer specific advice. Our ethos is very much about mindfulness, it runs through every session. iCan is set up so that people can contact the Team and each other whenever they need to. Individualised support, information and programmes are also available for everyone to access, throughout iCan.”

Gareth Mapp