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Prostate and Chemotherapy App

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An Exciting New App to Support Patients

In 2015, the trustees agreed to fund an exciting new project to develop an App to support patients going through chemotherapy, and for people experiencing prostate cancer.

Chemotherapy & Prostate Cancer Appeal | Lingen Davies

Monitors and Provides Emergency Support

The chemotherapy & prostate App allows patients to take more ownership of monitoring their own condition, provides a secure platform on which to contact specialist staff, and links directly to emergency support if required. Feedback so far has been very positive, and there are ongoing discussions about expanding the project to a wider range of patients.

Dr Sheena Khanduri Comments on the App

 “The App is packed with important information about chemotherapy and advice about when to contact the helpline to ensure patients are seen at the earliest opportunity. It is hoped the technological advance will result in fewer chemotherapy patients being admitted to hospital as an emergency.

To be told you have cancer and will need chemotherapy is very frightening, and that is why our hospitals are always looking to improve the care we provide for patients and their families.

The App provides information and, importantly, it tells a patient when they need to contact us and how they can do so. It empowers patients to take control of their treatment and its effects and will improve access to the right care when needed.”

Dr Sheena Khanduri, Clinical Leader for Cancer Services at SaTH


How the Grant Has Continued to Improve

A further Lingen Davies grant provided funding for the refurbishment of two Digital Health rooms at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, which allow patients to connect with medical staff remotely, including via the App. One of these rooms also doubles as a quiet room for people who need time away from the main centre, for example if they have received bad news.

Make a One-off Donation

As well as running fundraising appeals for one-off technology or equipment at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, we are always fundraising for ongoing projects for the wider community. Our LiveLife Cancer Awareness Service is a huge part of our work, and we welcome any contribution you can make to enable us to help prevent cancer.