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Hamar Centre

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Dr Linnie Hamar's Legacy

Following a legacy left to the charity by a south Shropshire GP, Dr Linnie Hamar, the charity funded the Help and Support Centre at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.

Hamar Centre Appeal | Lingen Davies

Supporting the Community with the Hamar Centre

The Hamar centre offers counselling, therapies and holds support groups for people with cancer and other illnesses.

Local Support Groups

Many people find it helpful to speak to others who are going through the same things as them. It can help you to know what to expect and to share your experiences. There are a range of support groups in our area, some focusing on specific cancers and others more generally.

“While we will continue to keep fundraising for equipment to support cancer treatment, we are also now working to help people prevent cancer, encourage them to seek treatment earlier, and support people to live their lives well, during and after treatment.” – Mandy Thorn MBE

Are You Looking for Local Cancer Information?

We’ve pulled together a wide range of information and advice from different sources to help you find what you need easily. Find out more by going to our LiveLife Cancer Hub.