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Cobalt Unit and Cancer Ward

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A Historical Appeal that Funded Local Radiotherapy

When Bernard and Frank launched the Cobalt Appeal, they had a vision of bringing Radiotherapy services to the people of Shropshire.

Cobalt Unit | Radiotherapy Machine | Lingen Davies

Raising the Standard for Local Cancer Treatment

This original appeal raised an amazing £1.25 million, and led to the cobalt unit being opened in 1982. This meant that the people of Shropshire and Mid Wales were able to have their radiotherapy locally, and set a new standard for cancer treatment in the region.

Funding Wards at SaTH

The original appeal also funded our first dedicated ward for cancer patients, including a flat where relatives could stay close to their loved ones while they were undergoing treatment. In 1995, the charity funded an extension to Ward 21, as well as a new space to house a new Linear Accelerator machine to deliver radiotherapy.


“Lingen Davies have been raising funds since 1979 to provide the very latest technology and equipment for hospitals in Shropshire.” – Naomi Atkin, CEO

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