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Mary & Gareth's Story

The Lewis and Jones family are a creative bunch, who put in a real team effort to support Lingen Davies as some of our fundraisers. They’ve been fundraising for us since 2014 and their most recent event, an auction, raised over £10,000! They are never short of new ideas to raise money and awareness of the charity in their Mid-Wales community.

Fundraisers Lewis Family | Lingen Davies

Inter-generational Supporters

This inter-generational troupe of supporters have been with us as fundraisers since 2014, after a personal experience of cancer within the family. Mary and Gareth Lewis, their daughter Rachel and her husband Arwyn, and their children Catrin and Huw, have given the charity a huge amount of support through a range of fundraising projects.

Lingen Davies Community Coordinators

Beginning with a Coffee Morning with Grand Draw and mini auction at their home in Llanfyllin in 2014 raising over £6,000, the fundraisers moved on to a sponsored walk followed by a coffee morning in 2015, featuring local BBC celebrity and naturalist Iolo Williams! The walk was a great success and raised over £8,000.

In 2017, the family’s efforts have been even more successful than ever, and their recent auction raised an amazing £10,580 for the charity. Mary and Gareth are also Lingen Davies Community Coordinators and are keen to point out that their fundraising would not be possible without the great support they receive from the local community, who have really rallied behind them.

Fundraisers Lewis Family | Lingen Davies

Based in Llanfyllin, they travel as far as Welshpool, Newtown and beyond to represent Lingen Davies, collect donations and make sure the people of Powys know all about the charity.

We do it because there are so many people in our area that have had, are having or about to have treatment at the Lingen Davies Cancer Centre and feel it is hugely important to keep the treatment centre as local as possible. The fact that we work together as a family, having fun in organising these events, makes it enjoyable. Also,  we have learnt that the more effort you put in, the more rewarding it is’, said Gareth, summing up the feelings of the whole family.

We think it is wonderful how the family work together in their fundraising activities- they’re a clever bunch with a lot of ideas, and we’re looking forward to hearing about their next project!

Interested in Volunteering With Us?

If you would like to become one of our fundraisers for Lingen Davies, get in touch! We would be more than happy to discuss how you can support us by volunteering.

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