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New TVs for LD patients – thanks to a private donor

Vulnerable patients, sometimes living in isolation for up to three months at a time, have been given a much-welcomed boost thanks to a large donation made to us with a specific request to fund new televisions.

People undergoing treatment on Ward 23 at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital’s Lingen Davies Cancer Centre are often confined to their room for lengthy periods to avoid exposure to infections. There are eight rooms in the 30-bay ward where patients spent long days alone and thanks to a request for support made by the Ward Manager Pete Warren, eight brand new SMART TVs have now been installed – funded by us.

The new screens will enable patients to stay in touch with family easier through social media channels, they will also give a much wider choice of entertainment and have been welcomed widely by staff and patients.

Pete Warren, Ward Manager of Ward 23, said being in isolation is one of the hardest parts of treatment for many people and having a SMART TV provides vital stimulation to those who want it.

“Patients who come here are very poorly, they come for treatment and to recover, that can take up to three months. They can see people but it’s very limited and they can’t go out of their room because they’re so vulnerable.

“Some of our televisions were broken and it’s just brilliant to have these brand-new SMART televisions for our patients to use, we just want to do whatever we can to make the situation as easy as possible for them. It’s stimulation for them and having a television does benefit them enormously.

“I would like to say a massive thank you to Lingen Davies and everyone who supports the charity. Giving us the opportunity to have these new televisions means everything, it will benefit patients for a good long time to come,” he added.

Emma Backhouse, Acting CEO for Lingen Davies, said it was thanks to a sizeable £2,500 donation left in memory of a private donor that the purchase of these televisions had been made.

“We are delighted that we have been able to spend this money for patients on Ward 23. Who can imagine what it feels like to live in isolation like this for up to three months… funding projects like this to benefit cancer patients is exactly why Lingen Davies Cancer Fund exists and why we continue to fundraise to enhance services for patients.”


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