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Lingen Davies Cancer Fund have partnered with PCB Solicitors LLP, who have branches across Shropshire, Telford and Powys, to host the Lingen Davies Will Scheme. In lieu of the usual solicitors’ fees for arranging someone’s Will, PCB Solicitors LLP will ask people to make a donation to Lingen Davies Cancer Fund instead.

The Will Scheme will run from Monday 12th October to Friday 23rd October and during this time PCB Solicitors have agreed to help 10 Lingen Davies Cancer Fund supporters create their Will. Around 70% of UK adults don’t have a Will, and this can make it more difficult for family and friends to manage any money or property left behind after the person has died.

There is no obligation to include a gift to Lingen Davies in a Will written under this scheme, although leaving a gift in your Will is a great way to support a cause that is close to your heart. Across the UK nearly £3bn of charitable income every year comes from gifts left in Wills; making a huge contribution to vital causes.

Whilst we are promoting a specific Will Scheme in October, people can of course make a Will at any time of the year.

To make your Will during the Will Scheme, just give Lingen Davies a call or arrange to come into the office and make a donation. In exchange for this, you will be given a voucher, to be presented to PCB Solicitors when you arrange your appointment. Due to the current situation, all appointments are being arranged virtually (via online video chat or over the phone). You will need to make an appointment between 19th October and 31st October 2020. There is no specific donation amount, but as a guide we do ask you to consider that the normal charge for a simple Will is £195.00 plus VAT and mirror Wills £350.00 plus VAT.

There are 10 appointments available on the Will Scheme.

Here is some information from PCB Solicitors LLP about making your Will, and how it works under this scheme.

Importance of writing a Will

An up-to-date Will is the best way to help ensure your assets go to the people and causes you care about as well as protecting your loved ones from added stress when you pass. When you write your Will under this scheme, you will have peace of mind from having a professionally drawn up Will, and knowing your wishes will be carried out, including naming guardians for your children if appropriate. You will also have the added satisfaction of knowing you’re helping to make a positive difference to lives affected by cancer in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin and Mid Wales.

How does it work?

PCB Solicitors LLP will write a basic Will for you, and instead of charging fees, you will be asked to make a donation to Lingen Davies Cancer Fund. There will be a limited number of Wills available.

When does it take place?

The scheme is running over a 2 week period. Anyone who is interested in making a Will under the scheme must contact Lingen Davies to make a donation. You will be given one of a limited number of vouchers available. Once the voucher is received then you can make an appointment with PCB Solicitors LLP at any of our offices advising that this is under the Lingen Davies Scheme. You should bring the voucher to the initial meeting. It usually takes between 3-4 weeks from the instructions being taken to the execution of the Will. This is dependent on you getting back to us to confirm your  instructions.

Type of Will

The legal fees arranged with the solicitors are for a simple Will or mirror Wills including updating existing Wills. In the initial appointment you will give your instructions and if there is any further charge i.e. if you wanted to include a trust in your Will, we will discuss the additional charges for this. This may also happen if you later change your instructions.  You will only be asked to pay the difference between PCB Solicitors LLPs normal fees for a simple Will and the actual fee so the simple Will element is always free.

The normal charge for a simple Will is £195.00 plus VAT and mirror Wills £350.00 plus VAT. The normal charge for a single Will containing a Discretionary Trust would be £400.00 plus VAT meaning that we would charge £225.00 plus VAT.

What’s a Basic Will

As a guideline, a basic Will covers a client who is leaving everything to family members friends and charities, who does not require detailed inheritance tax advice or a Life Interest or Discretionary Trust. We can not advice on assets outside the UK. It does not include setting up Trusts, Power of Attorneys or any other matter (if you would like advice about any of these, we will be happy to discuss our charges)

The Solicitor ‘s Duty

PCB Solicitors LLP will draw up your Will in accordance with your instructions. In line with the relevant codes and regulations governing solicitors, the solicitor will act exclusively in your interest (following the Solicitor Code of Conduct 2007 published by the Law Society). The solicitor is free to advise you and they will keep your instructions confidential. Although this scheme is run with Lingen Davies, Lingen Davies will not be connected with the drafting of the Will in any way.


PCB Solicitors LLP are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.


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