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Meet Tim from Welshpool

Tim put off going to the doctors for a long time – he talks about his diagnosis and ongoing treatment.

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Meet Mary from Prees

Mary sat down with us to tell us about how she discovered a lump in her breast, at the age of 27, and during COVID-19.

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Meet Michelle from West Felton

Michelle describes her experience of recurrent breast cancer.

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Meet Geoff from Shrewsbury

Geoff talks about how he has utilised the services Lingen Davies has funded

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Meet Angela from Shrewsbury

Angela talks about why she chose to leave a gift to Lingen Davies in her Will.

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Meet Joy from Shrewsbury

When Joy found a lump in her neck, she was told it was a cancer that had spread from the back of her tongue. In our first video patient story, Joy told us about her treatment and how important it was for her to be treated locally.

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Meet Alun from Newtown

Alun lives in Newtown and has two grown up children. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2018, which had spread to his hip bone. He has recently begun chemotherapy and we will be catching up with Alun regularly as he goes through his treatment.


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Meet Rebecca from Shrewsbury

Rebecca lives with her husband and two teenage sons. Thinking she had a chest infection, she was admitted to A&E in May 2016 and a just few hours later she was diagnosed with bowel cancer. She is now undergoing palliative chemotherapy while maintaining her busy, happy family life.

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