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Meet Laura from Bridgnorth

Laura is a new face to the charity, and found an innovative way to combine her love for sewing with fundraising for Lingen Davies Cancer Fund.

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Meet Tom & Julie Kaye from Mytton, Shrewsbury

Tom and Julie have been great supporters of our charity since the moment Tom decided to turn the potentially negative experience of his encounter with prostate cancer into an opportunity to generate both funds and fun.


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Meet Sheila from Shrewsbury

Sheila has been involved with the charity ever since it’s founding in 1979 and her time is invaluable to us!

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Meet Doreen from Tregynon

Doreen began volunteering for us in 2016 and  is always looking for new opportunities to raise money.

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Meet Mark from Shrewsbury

Mark organised his first fundraiser in 2016 and it is now an annual event.

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Meet Roger from Shrewsbury

Roger was inspired to raise money for Lingen Davies after witnessing the incredible work the oncology staff do everyday.

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Meet Marj from Bomere Heath

Marj has been involved with the charity since it’s beginning in 1979 and continues to be a huge supporter of Lingen Davies.

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Meet The Lewis and Jones Family from Llanfyllin

The Lewis and Jones family are a creative bunch, who put in a real team effort to support Lingen Davies. They’ve been fundraising for us since 2014 and their most recent event, an auction, raised over £10,000! They are never short of new ideas to raise money and awareness of the charity in their Mid-Wales community.

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