We are Lingen Davies Cancer Fund; we exist to make a positive difference to lives affected by cancer in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin and Mid Wales.


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Your donations allow us to invest in much-needed equipment and facilities that help us take care of those when they need us most.

What a new CT scanner would mean to us

Our current CT scanner is 10 years old and nearing the end of life. The improved functionalities and features of a new CT scanner would allow us to do so much more.

  • It’s quicker.
    With a new CT scanner, reconstruction time takes up to two minutes instead of nearly an hour. Faster treatment times mean that delays in patient scanning are also reduced.
  • It’s safer.
    Enhanced safety measures help to reduce radiation doses by up to 50%, resulting in less damage to healthy cells and a decrease in patient side-effects.
  • It’s more advanced.
    The improved technology of a new CT scanner allows for better quality pictures, providing a fantastic opportunity to improve treatment options and outcomes for patients.
  • It’s local.
    Introducing a new CT scanner to Shrewsbury would allow us to offer more complex and cutting-edge treatments that aren’t currently available in our region. By developing this service locally, patients will no longer need to travel to Birmingham.

What additional clinic rooms would mean to us

As we now expect 1 in 2 people to be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, there is a growing need for more space within our cancer centre so that we can provide the best possible care to our patients.

  • More capacity.
    As new cancer diagnoses continue to increase every year, more pressure is put on time, space and resource in the centre. An increase in clinical staff also means the need for an increase in clinic space. Additional clinic rooms will allow us to cope with the capacity as more and more patients face long-term treatment.
  • Better flexibility.
    Additional clinic rooms will allow urgent unexpected patients to be seen promptly.
  • Improved patient experience.
    Having the privacy of a room means that nurses fulfil their job to the fullest potential by making patients feel considered, cared for and supported. Appointment delays are also reduced.

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