Will Scheme Fortnight

7th – 18th October 2019

Making a Will is important – it is advised that every person should have a Will. Even if you don’t think you have anything of much worth, you need to make sure your legacy is going to the right place.

Lingen Davies Cancer Fund have partnered with PCB Solicitors LLP to allow people to have their Will written up by a trained solicitor, whilst supporting their local cancer charity at the same time.

From 7th – 18th October, PCB Solicitors LLP are offering a Free Will Scheme Fortnight where they have offered to write 10 Simple Wills for Free.  All you need to do is contact the Lingen Davies Fundraising Office to make a donation to the charity, in return for a Will Scheme Voucher. You can then contact PCB Solicitors LLP to make an appointment to write your simple Will – you’ll need to take the voucher with you to this appointment.