Lingen Lockdown Challenge

24th July – 9th August 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown have affected nearly all events that were due to happen in the spring and summer of 2020, including our charity fundraisers and international events. This has had an effect on our charity fundraising but we won’t be beaten! So, we are excited to have created the Lingen Lockdown Challenge!

As the lockdown eases and we are encouraged to take unlimited exercise, join in with the Lingen Lockdown Challenge to mark the 2020 Olympics that were due to happen this summer. We’d love you to be involved!

It’s the perfect way to stay active – why not give your children an exciting activity during the summer holidays? If there’s more than one child taking part, you could make it a competition!

Here’s how it works:

Sign up to our 2020 Lockdown Challenge (cost: £10 per person) and choose one or more sports, of your choice, from: Walking, Running, Swimming, Cycling or Skipping. Then choose your target, based around the number 20, to complete over the 2 weeks…20 miles of cycling, 20 minutes of swimming a day, 20 rope skips – choose a goal you think is achievable, but still challenging! Log your efforts so you can see progress towards your 2-week goal.

You’ll receive a bespoke Lingen Lockdown Challenge medal once the challenge is over, to recognise your achievement and as a way to remember the difficult times we’re living in.

A fundraising page will be automatically generated when you sign up; we encourage supporters to raise sponsorship on top of their entry fee if they are able and willing to support us further. All of the money from this challenge will be spent locally in supporting people affected by cancer.

If you’d like to further represent our charity, you could purchase a Lingen Davies Running Vest from our online shop, to wear during your challenge. This is a great way to raise awareness of Lingen Davies!

Energize, another local charity, has produced a useful page of resources here to help inspire your lockdown challenge! It provides great links particularly for children, young people, families and those over 60 looking for safe exercise ideas.

Please only choose an activity in which you are experienced, and comfortable to take part in safely. You must obey all relevant laws, including the Highway Code, while taking part in your activity.

At the moment, swimming is only possible in outdoor locations. Only swim in places where this is explicitly permitted, and swim within your capabilities. Do not engage in reckless activities, for example jumping from bridges. If you are not used to wild or outdoor swimming, choose a different activity to complete your Lockdown Challenge.

All activities are undertaken at your own risk.

Please also remember to follow government guidelines at all times, when completing your challenge.

You can sign up here – GOOD LUCK!